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The biggest casino wins in Las Vegas history

It’s an old cliche with casinos that the house always wins, and obviously that’s true to an extent, otherwise multi-billion dollar casinos wouldn’t be sprouting up all over Vegas at the moment. If the house didn’t win, how could they afford these vast projects, right? Why, then, do people insist on gambling if they can […]

How not to gamble in Vegas!

You go to Vegas, you gamble. Now, you may not go to Vegas specifically to gamble, but you’ll find yourself doing that anyway. The first time I went, I spent a whole dollar at Caesar’s Palace, just to say I’d gambled at Caesar’s Palace (yes, I am that lame!). This year, I spent about $10 […]

The wise words of the Las Vegas cabbie

Although the strip is only 3.5 miles long, you can’t get anywhere without a taxi driver. You certainly can’t drive down the strip – it’s far too congested, and takes hours. Equally, walking is a killer, as you spend so long walking through the casinos, you don’t have the strength left to walk between them […]

Two Paris’s in one Vegas

I was walking across the strip to Planet Hollywood (the old Aladdin) from the Bellagio, having just watched the Bellagio’s fountains (which are great, by the way, and well worth a look). As I was crossing the road, I noticed four huge blokes all be-decked in black suits. It was their suits that first made […]