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Las Vegas Dunes Hotel implosion videos

The Dunes hotel in Las Vegas was an icon of the Las Vegas strip for decades, until its life was cut short in 1993 by Steve Wynn, who decided that the ageing hotel had reached the end of its life and needed to go. So it was that the Dunes was imploded in front of […]

Videos of The Stardust Implosion

The Stardust was imploded on 3rd March 2007 to make way for the $4 billion Echelon Place resort. The Stardust was one of the Strip’s more iconic casinos, and had been running since 1958. Now, all that’s left is rubble, and the promise of another 5,300 rooms being built in its place. But enough of […]

From The Stardust to Echelon Place – pictures of the changing face of Vegas

The Stardust Hotel was a legendary hotel in Las Vegas, with an iconic sign, distinctive building, and playing host to scores of famous acts down the ages. Until, that is, it was demolished in March 2007. Now, it’s just a heap of smouldering rubble, waiting for the new $4 billion Echelon Place to be constructed […]