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Video of Las Vegas, Lego style

Parts of Las Vegas have always seemed so outrageous, you sometimes feel you’re in a theme park. Excalibur, for example, with its giant King Arthur’s castle, sandwiched between a giant black pyramid and New York New York with a rollercoaster. Now, though, that theme-park feeling has been brought vividly to life, courtesy of Lego. At […]

MGM Mirage makes a WalGreen sandwich

MGM Mirage’s shiny new Project CityCenter resort that’s currently being built in Vegas sits neatly next to the Monte Carlo hotel, which also happens to be owned by the company. So, a nice contiguous block of land, with two first class properties standing proudly side by side then? Not quite. Sandwiched in the middle is […]

Interactive panoramic photos of Las Vegas now available from Google Maps

A picture paints 1,000 words, as they say, and now Google proves it. Not content with just providing its users with streetmaps of various cities around the world, it’s now added the ability to see fullly interactive panoramic photos of some of those cities as well. And yes, Las Vegas is naturally one of the […]

Videos of Harrah’s Virtual Concierge using new Microsoft Surface technology

Harrah’s Casinos will be among the first companies in the world to use a brand new table-top computer from Microsoft. The new computer, called the Microsoft Surface, is straight out of the film Minority Report. You can see images, files and documents on the table-top screen, and then drag them around with your hands, just […]

New Frontier sold, Montreux now canned

The New Frontier hotel and casino has been sold by Phil Ruffin to Elad Properties who intend to implode the Frontier and replace it with a $5 billion hotel based on New York’s Plaza Hotel. Ruffin had plans to implode the Frontier later this year and develop a $2.6 billion Swiss-themed resort called the Montreux, […]

Top 5 reasons to be in Vegas right now

Heather from About Las Vegas has listed her top 5 reasons to be in Las Vegas right now (yep, she’s also contributing to ProBlogger’s top contest). Her list includes: 1). It’s hot…literally (115 degrees F at the moment, or 46 degrees C. Seriously?! That’s super-hot, even for an envious sun-worshipping Brit like me who’s struggling […]

Las Vegas Photo Gallery now up and running

Our new Las Vegas photo gallery is now up and running. We’ve got loads of photos of all the main Las Vegas hotels and casinos up and down the strip, each much bigger and better than the pics you see in the main blog posts. More will be added over the coming weeks as we […]