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Caesar’s Palace Photo Gallery now live

There’s a new photo gallery of Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino now online. Caesar’s Palace is huge, and sprawls over 85 acres, so the photos can only show bits of it a time. If you want a single photo capturing the entire resort, you’d need to take it from space (or at least form Google […]

Caesar’s Palace Review

Caesar’s Palace is one of the most recognized names of any casino in the world, let alone Las Vegas, and with good reason. Situated in the centre of the Strip, Caesar’s Palace is simply vast, and has so many jaw dropping sights, you have to visit it even if you don’t spend a dime. Just […]

Caesar’s Palace gets new $1 billion expansion

Harrah’s have announced that Caesar’s Palace won’t be left behind in the mad Vegas construction boom, and will have $1 billion spent on expanding the property. Part of the new expansion scheme includes the construction of a new 665 room hotel tower called the Octavius Tower, which will rise some 350 feet into the Vegas […]

Caesar’s Palace to get new $1 billion extension

Caesar’s Palace must have been feeling a bit left out, what with all the talk of new multi-billion hotels going up all around it. So they decided to join in the fun, and have announced a new $1 billion extension to the property, which has just been approved. Read on to see what Caesar’s Palace’s […]