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On safari at the Lion Habitat MGM Grand (plus some misgivings)

There are lions at the MGM Grand hotel!! Real live lions! Not roaming around the casino floor but in a specially designed “Lion Habitat” in the casino. The lions are apparently descendants from the original Leo The Lion who was MGM’s mascot – the lion you see roaring at the start of their movies. There […]

The whitest of knuckles on the Big Shot at the Stratosphere

I’ve always thought of myself as being pretty brave on rides. I’ll give anything a go and am rarely genuinely scared. Having seen The Big Shot featured on a TV programme about the most thrilling rides in the world, on my first visit to Vegas I was determined to try it… Walking up the strip […]

Bellagio Review: 10 things you have to see at the Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bellagio is one of the most famous hotels on the Las Vegas strip (if not the world), and for good reason. As one of the most lavish, luxurious hotels in the world, you could easily spend a full day in the hotel and still feel like you haven’t seen everything it offers. The Bellagio […]

Las Vegas Palazzo only weeks away from opening

The Las Vegas Palazzo hotel is just weeks away from opening. Quite when it will open is anyone’s guess, though, as there are contradictory reports of its opening day. The Las Vegas Sands Corp, the Palazzo’s owners, are claiming that it’ll open on December 20th, but the Palazzo web site will only let you book […]

Treasure Island’s Tangerine club to close

Well here’s news that’s not exactly welcome. Tangerine, the great club at Vegas’s Treasure Island, is due to close – and it’s only three years old! I spent a glorious evening there earlier in the year, and thought the place was great. Sure, the music in the main dance area sucked, but get a different […]

The Palazzo confirms opening date

The Palazzo, one of the new Las Vegas hotels currently reaching skywards, has confirmed its set to open on December 20th 2007. Some people are surprised by this given its current state of construction (see pic above, taken on 7th July 2007 and courtesy of Mark Adams), but the Las Vegas Sands Corp., owners of […]

Caesar’s Palace Photo Gallery now live

There’s a new photo gallery of Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino now online. Caesar’s Palace is huge, and sprawls over 85 acres, so the photos can only show bits of it a time. If you want a single photo capturing the entire resort, you’d need to take it from space (or at least form Google […]

Caesar’s Palace Review

Caesar’s Palace is one of the most recognized names of any casino in the world, let alone Las Vegas, and with good reason. Situated in the centre of the Strip, Caesar’s Palace is simply vast, and has so many jaw dropping sights, you have to visit it even if you don’t spend a dime. Just […]

Caesar’s Palace gets new $1 billion expansion

Harrah’s have announced that Caesar’s Palace won’t be left behind in the mad Vegas construction boom, and will have $1 billion spent on expanding the property. Part of the new expansion scheme includes the construction of a new 665 room hotel tower called the Octavius Tower, which will rise some 350 feet into the Vegas […]

Luxor undergoes $300 million transformation

The Luxor hotel in Las Vegas is undergoing a huge $300 million refit aimed at freshening the place up and removing much of the Egyptian theme that pervades the place (which you’d have thought would have been quite difficult for a gigantic black pyramid!). The refit is being carried out to ensure the Luxor continues […]