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New pictures of Echelon Place

Boyd Gaming gave us all an update on its progress with Echelon Place yesterday, announcing that thye’d broken ground and construction was about to begin in earnest. Tantalisingly, they also announced that new renderings of the $4 billion mega-resort would be made available, but hadn’t actually released them to the public – until today. Here, […]

How to erase a 2,400 room hotel in 3 months

Boyd Gaming has announced that they’ve broken ground on the construction of the new Echelon Place. What this means is that the last of the detritus of the old Stardust Hotel has now been cleared away, and work can begin in earnest on building the mammoth new Echelon Place Hotel Resort. The old Stardust hotel, […]

80 billion dollars of new Vegas hotels

I’ve reported before that there’s currently $30 billion’s worth of construction going on around the Las Vegas strip, with high profile hotels such as Project CityCenter, Echelon Place, Fontainebleau, Encore at Wynn and the Palazzo all under various stages of construction. But $30 billion is not enough for Las Vegas – if you’re going to […]

Las Vegas WET water park keeps the south Strip fun

Las Vegas WET is a new water-based theme park that is somewhat bucking the trend of the latest round of Las Vegas construction projects. Whereas everyone else is currently focusing on the north end of the strip, building their fancy luxurious multi-billion dollar hotels around Circus Circus, Las Vegas WET is focusing on the south […]

Las Palmas – another new multi-billion-dollar Vegas hotel

The Peebles Corporation have obviously looked at all the new mega-hotels that are currently being built at the north end of the Vegas strip, and thought to themselves “you know what this area could do with? Another multi-billion dollar mega-hotel!” So that’s just what they’re going to do. They’ve bought 13 acres of land just […]

Frontier to close July 15th

The Frontier, which has been on the expected-to-be-demolished list for some time now, has finally got a closing date: midnight July 15th. The Frontier was looking increasingly ropey, and the only “attraction” (if that’s the right word!) was Gilley’s, the red-neck club featuring topless bull-riding girls and bikini mud wrestling. So in just a month’s […]

New Vegas Hotels dwarf their older neighbours

As the north end of the Vegas strip goes mad with multi-billion dollar developments, one thing has become increasingly clear – these new Vegas hotels and casinos are monsters! As if the existing hotels weren’t big enough, the new hotels currently under development are dwarfing their older neighbours. As you can see from this shot, […]

Pictures of the new Fontainebleau Hotel finally revealed

The Fontainebleau hotel and casino, currently under construction on the north end of the Las Vegas strip, has managed something few other new hotels have managed in Vegas – secrecy. Despite the fact the Fontainebleau is actually being built, nobody has seen any renderings or artists’ impressions of what the building will look like. Until […]

The completed Palazzo

The Palazzo is slowly starting to take shape. The new hotel being built between The Wynn and The Venetian is set to open later this year (though more likely early next year), but for those who can’t wait to see what it looks like, here’s an artist’s impression! The main hotel is the large left […]

Crown Las Vegas – a 1,888 foot tall hotel coming to the North of the Strip

Following on from the succession of new multi-billion dollar mega-hotels currently being built at the north end of the Las Vegas strip comes news of, well, another new multi-billion dollar mega hotel. Called the Crown Las Vegas, the new hotel resort will be built next to the $3.4 billion Fontainebleau that’s currently being built opposite […]