New Project CityCenter renderings

New Project CityCenter renderings

Project City Center, Las Vegas
As the giant Project City Center development continues its construction, some more renderings of the new Las Vegas hotel complex have appeared from some of the project’s architects, Rafael Vinoly. The renderings show what the complex will look like both from within its center, and also how it fits in with the existing Las Vegas hotels on the strip.

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Inside Project City Center, Las Vegas

The first thing that strikes you about the design is its scale – it’s huge! OK, so most buildings along the strip are huge, too, but it’s the concentration of so many huge buildings that impresses with Project City Center.

Overhead view of Project City Center, Las Vegas

One thing that might be a problem, though, is how these buildings will fit in to the overall feel of Las Vegas. Although Vegas’s existing hotels all look different to one another (and, indeed, to any other building on earth!), most of them share a sense of Vegas identity – largely, pure theatre!

Overhead of Project City Center, Las Vegas, next to the Bellagio hotel

The buildings in Project City Center, though, all appear to be standard glass towers like you’d find in any other major city. Although one or two towers wouldn’t be a problem, I’m a bit concerned that the sheer scale of City Center might overwhelm the strip, and start to turn one of the world’s great modern wonders into just another city center with the usual array of skyscrapers.

Inside Project City Center, Las Vegas

Fortunately, there’s usually quite a difference from the original renderings of a new hotel to the final constructed building, so let’s hope that Project City Center doesn’t spoil the strip by being too boring.

[Source: Rafael Vinoly Architects]

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  1. Craig February 6, 2015 at 6:32 am #

    I really enjoyed visiting the City Center on my last trip. I didn’t expect much, but it was a pleasant surprise at how well developed it has become.

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