Pictures of CityCenter Las Vegas taking shape

Pictures of CityCenter Las Vegas taking shape

Project CityCenter Las Vegas
Project CityCenter, MGM Mirage’s mammoth $7.7 billion series of hotels and condos on the Las Vegas strip, is slowly taking shape. Actually, it’s quickly taking shape, as these new photos show! What’s interesting to me is that despite still being in the early stages of construction, the glass is being added to the building.

Now, obviously I know nothing about construction, but adding that much glass in the middle of a building site seems like asking for trouble! Not only can the glass be easily smashed with all that construction going on, but imagine being a construction worker walking under it? As if the risk of falling masonry wasn’t bad enough – is a hard-hat enough to shield you if one of the panes falls out?

Rather them than me!

More photos of Project City Center after the jump.

These next two pics were taken by Aaron Auxier of, and show the construction of the new Veer tower.

Project CityCenter Veer tower, Las Vegas

Veer isn’t your average straight-up kind of tower – as its name suggests, the shape of Veer actually twists as it rises.

Veer Tower, Project CityCenter, Las Vegas

It’s one thing seeing artistic renderings of the shape, but seeing the twisting support columns in the flesh, all bent at odd angles, certainly makes for an arresting sight.

[Source: VegasCondoScene, via VegasTodayAndTomorrow, SkyScraper Page]

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  1. John Hewitt, CPP November 20, 2007 at 5:45 pm #

    Now this is a Jewel, this is. Advice to Kerkorian; Implode Circus Circus and build some more like this.

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