Huge Las Vegas Pulse merges the Strip with Downtown

Huge Las Vegas Pulse merges the Strip with Downtown

Las Vegas pulse picture
This is an artist’s rendering of Pulse, a massive mixed-use development that’s just been approved by Las Vegas City Council. Like all good Las Vegas projects, Pulse has several interesting features. The first is its location. Situated just north of the Stratosphere, Pulse aims to extend the strip further north, effectively blurring the boundaries between the strip and downtown areas,

Secondly, is its size: Pulse will be built on 85 acres of land, and will come with a huge array of features, including a 22,000-seat arena – but more on those in a minute.

It’s most astonishing feature by far, though, is its cost – $9.5 billion!!

More details on Las Vegas Pulse after the jump.
Pulse in Las Vegas
MGM Mirage’s Project CityCenter is currently the most expensive (and largest) privately-financed construction project in the western hemisphere, but even that is dwarfed by the enormous scale of Pulse. Costing nearly $2 billion more than CityCenter, Pulse will offer the following:

  • 22,000-seat arena
  • 300,000 square feet of gaming floor space
  • 6,000 hotel rooms
  • over 1.5 million square feet of commercial and retail floor space
  • 3.5 million square feet of office and permanent exhibition space
  • 1,500 condominium units
  • 1,600 timeshare condominium units.

The aim is to attract people from both the strip and dowtown Las Vegas by using the arena as a major attraction. Once at Pulse, visitors will be given so many things to do, they won’t want to rush back to their hotel, and so will stay where they are.
Pulse Las Vegas map

In addition, with 6,000 hotel rooms and 3,100 condo units, Pulse will contain its own caoptive audience of visitors, ensuring the place is never deserted.

That is, of course, presuming so many people actually want to come to Las Vegas in the first place!

Granted the existing hotels run at roughly 90% occupancy the whole year round, implying there’s huge demand for more space, but there are now tens of thousands of new rooms being built – can the place cope with another 6,000?!

REI, the people behind Pulse, clearly think so.

Jon Weaver, President of REI, said “This is the most exciting and dynamic development corridor in the United States. Our project continues the Strip experience, anchored at the north end by an easily accessible and iconic sports arena. This is great for the City, great for the Strip, and great for the residents of the Valley.”

Mayor Oscar Goodman concurred, saying “We are ecstatic about this project and how it proposes to change the face of Las Vegas. What more could we ask for – the City could get an arena that we are in desperate need of, in addition to millions of dollars of ancillary development in our burgeoning midtown area, and all at no risk to the City.”

So the developers are up for it, the mayor’s up for it – let’s just hope the visitors are, too!

[Source: LasVegasTodayAndTomorrow]


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