Echelon Place’s Delano Tower to float 400 feet in the air

Echelon Place’s Delano Tower to float 400 feet in the air

picture of Echelon Place resort, Las Vegas
The somewhat bland renderings of the new Echelon Place that were released a few days ago caused something of an upset on the main Vegas forums. The renderings seemed to show a pretty soulless set of buildings that would look anonymous in any city, let alone a city like Las Vegas.

However, an anonymous building on the strip would mean almost certain death for any project, and certainly one costing over $4 billion. Fortunately, a new set of renderings have emerged that ad far more detail to Echelon Place’s current design, and as you can see, this set looks far more spectacular than the last one.

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Echelon place, las Vegas, showing Mondrian tower and Delano tower
Perhaps the most visually arresting aspect of these renderings is the design of the new Delano tower. Rather than being a simple vertical tower like Trump’s, the Delano is perched on top of the Mondrian tower, 400 feet in the air! Oddly, this isn’t shown in the earlier Echelon Place renderings that were released.

Just as impressive is the Delano’s core, which will apparently be encased by large pixellated LEDs, which should look fantastic at night. If there’s one thing Echelon Place won’t be, it’s anonymous!

Between them, the Delano and Mondrian Towers will feature:

  • 1,400 rooms, suites, penthouses and bungalows (not sure how you can fit a bungalow into a skyscraper, but hey, this is Vegas, so anything’s possible!)
  • 3-storey rooftop spa in the Delano
  • Rooftop Skybar in the Mondrian
  • Activity deck
  • 400 foot rock climbing wall.

Photo of Echelon place Delano Tower, Las Vegas

Two features that immediately jump out are the Mondrian’s rooftop Skybar, which should offer glorious views over the strip, and the 400 foot rock climbing wall, which by the sounds of it, should rise the entire height of the Mondrian tower! That has to be something else to see, whether looking up from the bottom or down from the top, never mind climbing the thing!

The other renderings give an idea of how other areas of Echelon Place will look, and the whole style seems seriously classy.Photo of Mondrian Tower, Echelon Place, Las Vegas
As more details emerge, Ecehelon Place is starting to look like it’ll fit in just fine on the strip, and should become a destination in its right. And don’t forget that these are renderings of just two of Echelon’s five towers – there’s a still another three that we have no details on yet. Echelon Place is shaping up to be a fine hotel, even if it doesn’t have a them.

Update: You can see these pics in a much better size in our new Echelon Place gallery.

[Source:, via SkyscraperPages]

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