Las Palmas – another new multi-billion-dollar Vegas hotel

Las Palmas – another new multi-billion-dollar Vegas hotel

Las Palmas Hotel, Las Vegas
The Peebles Corporation have obviously looked at all the new mega-hotels that are currently being built at the north end of the Vegas strip, and thought to themselves “you know what this area could do with? Another multi-billion dollar mega-hotel!”

So that’s just what they’re going to do. They’ve bought 13 acres of land just easy of the Wynn on Paradise Road, and are going to build a $2.5 billion hotel and condo development that will be called Las Palmas Hotel and Residence.

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Las Palmas Hotel in Las Vegas location next to the Wynn

The new Las Palmas will be different from the other hotels, in that it won’t have any gaming facilities.

Instead, it’ll offer 800 five star hotel rooms and 1,000 residential condo units, split across four 55-storey towers that will rise 550 feet into the air.

Naturally there will also be shopping, dining and entertainment, together with a pool and exercise facility on the roof and ten stories of parking underneath. Most impressive, though, is the futuristic design of the hotel. It looks stunning, with its bronzed rings encircling the towers. Let’s hope they look this good when the buildings are constructed.

It’s interesting that more and more new hotels are being built that are just that: hotels, with no casinos or gaming facilities of any form. Donald Trump arguably started this novel trend with the construction of Trump Tower Las Vegas behind the New Frontier (or the Plaza, as it will be known in a few years’ time when they implode the Frontier and build another mega-hotel in its place).

What this means is that Las Vegas has now become a reason to visit the place all by itself – the gambling helps, of course, but is no longer necessary to draw in the crowds. The giant, super-expensive, lavish hotels that were built to draw in as many people as possible to play the slots and the tables have become attractions in their own right.

Imagine saying to someone back in the early 1940s that in just 70 years’ time, tens of millions of people would flock to a small strip of desert miles from anywhere just to look at the amamzing billion dollar buildings that would be built on barren scrub-land!

[Source: PeeblesCorp, via LasVegasTodayAndTomorrow]

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