Frontier to close July 15th

Frontier to close July 15th

Frontier and Palazzo hotels in Las Vegas
The Frontier, which has been on the expected-to-be-demolished list for some time now, has finally got a closing date: midnight July 15th. The Frontier was looking increasingly ropey, and the only “attraction” (if that’s the right word!) was Gilley’s, the red-neck club featuring topless bull-riding girls and bikini mud wrestling.

So in just a month’s time, gone will be the legendary sign boasting “cold beer, dirty girls”, and in its place will rise the swanky $5 billion 3,500 room Plaza hotel and casino. Quite a contrast! Another legendary Vegas icon will have been imploded and another mega-hotel will rise from its ashes.

It also seems that the Plaza development is being expanded, with a lot more retail space planned for the hotel, and maybe some more condo units.

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