Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Review

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Review

venetian hotel and casino in las vegas, nv
The Venetian Hotel is one my favourite hotels in Las Vegas. It’s wonderfully cheesy, yet at the same time truly astonishing. The thought of recreating Venice in the middle of the Nevada desert, filled with thousands of slot machines and poker tables, is what gives rise to the impression of the cheese, but seeing it in real life, with its immense attention to detail, simply takes your breath away.

In fact, everything about The Venetian is jaw-dropping – from its looks, to its cost, to the staggering levels the designers went to in order to achieve Venetian perfection.

See what I’m on about with this review of the Vegas Venetian Hotel.

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

venetian hotel and casino review, las vegas

The Venetian Hotel was opened on May 3, 1999 at a cost of $1.5 billion. When first constructed, it was the most expensive hotel in the world, and many thought Sheldon G. Adelson, its owner, was mad, as it was difficult to see how a hotel of such luxury could ever recoup such a gigantic price tag, given that Vegas at the time was not as upmarket as it is now.

Adelson proved them wrong – The Venetian was an instant hit, and it began to move Vegas more upmarket as other casino owners saw the profits that were being made.

Mind you, they shouldn’t have doubted him – you don’t get to be the 15th richest person in the world unless you know a thing or two about making money!

Features of The Venetian

the venetian hotel in las vegas, nv

Situated just north of the middle of the Strip, just opposite from Treasure Island, The Venetian stands proud among its (almost) equally impressive neighbours. Comprising 4,049 suites (yes, The Venetian is an all-suite hotel), 120,000 square foot of casino space, and a huge indoor retail area called The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian offers much more than just a casino.

In fact, this is one of the great draws of The Venetian – you can spend hours wandering around it, just marvelling at the architecture, before you get anywhere near the casino. Not that you’d ever get bored in Vegas, but if you find yourself with an hour to kill, just go and have a wander – you see something you hadn’t noticed before every time you go!

The Venetian isn’t a subtle hotel. From the outside, you can’t help but be drawn to it. The gondoliers, the fabulous look of the buildings, and the huge 315 foot tall replica of The Campanile tower all draw you to the building – firstly to take photos (everyone does) and secondly, just to see if the inside matches the outside.

And believe me, it does! The first thing you notice as you walk in is the fantastic main atrium, featuring gigantic marbled staircases and a huge fresco on the arched ceiling that’s simply stunning.

You’ll also find people trying to take pics of this as well, but rarely will you find a good photograph – it’s too high for the average camera’s flash to work, and the light isn’t good enough for non-flash camera work. You have to know what you’re doing with a camera to get a good shot of it (and I don’t, if you’re wondering!)

The Ventian’s canals

the Venetian Hotel and the grande canal shoppes in las vegas, nv

This being a replica of Venice, you’d expect to find a canal or two, and The Venetian doesn’t disappoint. The Grand Canal Shoppes are a series of over 70 shops (or shoppes, if you’d prefer!) and restaurants that wend their way through the hotel either side of a canal, complete with gondoliers.

Most of the shops tend towards the luxury end of the market (as does most things in The Venetian), but even if you’re not in the mood for buying, you have to see them – where else are you going to see a full-scale replica of St. Mark’s Square complete with a fake blue sky built deep within one of the world’s largest hotels?!

Actually, if you’ve travelled far to come to Vegas, the sky will throw your body clock out even more. It may be bright sunshine outside, but it’s twilight inside, and your poor jet-lagged brain will be screaming at you “just tell me what time it’s meant to be!”

Venetian Attractions

So other than shops and the odd gondolier or two, what else does The Venetian have to offer? How does the following sound:

  • The Blue Man Group
  • Guggenheim Hermitage Museum
  • Madame Tussauds Las Vegas (although if this is anything like the Madame Tussauds in London, it’s not worth bothering with!)
  • World-renowned Tao nightclub
  • 63,000 square foot spa called the Canyon Ranch SpaClub
  • Wedding chapel (naturally)
  • Nearly 2 million feet of convention centre space, including an 85,000 square foot ballroom
  • San Genarro – the best burgers in Vegas (and maybe even the world!)

This is only scratching the surface of what The Venetian has to offer. It’s a stunning hotel complex that’s hugely entertaining if you’re a visitor, and super-luxurious if you’re a guest.

Check out our photo gallery of the Venetian Hotel to see for yourself just how grand and glorious it really is.

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  1. John Hewitt, CPP November 13, 2007 at 4:26 pm #

    This is a pretty good place. Indeed. Always liked it.

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    Can you recommend a cheaper hotel than this? Or are these really the cheapest and best hotels in las vegas?

  3. Luxury Hotels Las Vegas October 27, 2010 at 4:44 am #

    The Venetian is a master piece. I love the Palazzo as well.

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