Las Vegas street level maps by Google

Interactive panoramic photos of Las Vegas now available from Google Maps

Las Vegas street level maps by Google
A picture paints 1,000 words, as they say, and now Google proves it. Not content with just providing its users with streetmaps of various cities around the world, it’s now added the ability to see fullly interactive panoramic photos of some of those cities as well. And yes, Las Vegas is naturally one of the first cities to be included.

As you can see from the screen shot, the pics are a bit on the blurry side, but it really gives you a sense of being in Vegas, as you can pan left and right, and even more forward and backwards, with newer images morphing over the existing one to provide a sense of movement.

This really is impressive technology, and is a great way of checking out an area before you decide to book a hotel. Go have a play with it now at Google Maps. Just type in the name of a hotel, followed by “Las Vegas” (e.g. “Circus Circus, Las Vegas”), and then click on Street View. You’ll be amazed!

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