Wynn Golf Course to become another mega-resort

Wynn Golf Course to become another mega-resort

Wynnlas Vegas golf course
Among the many attractions of The Wynn Hotel is its 18 hole golf course, the only one of its kind in Las Vegas, and which was redeveloped when The Wynn was being constructed.

Playing golf amongst beautiful greenery in the middle of the desert is no odder than anything else in Las Vegas, although the site of rolling expanses of lush green lawn certainly makes you do a double-take as you travel past it on the Monorail (above).

However, with spiralling land prices, the temptation to cash in on the huge plot of land on which the golf course sits has encouraged Steve Wynn, The Wynn’s owner, to consider redeveloping it. So if golf’s your game, and you fancy playing in the middle of a desert, better get your round in soon (if you can swallow the $500 per round it costs!), as Wynn has plans…big plans!
Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, with golf course set for redevelopment
Adding an 18 hole golf course to your Las Vegas hotel and casino might seem a bit odd, but The Wynn was built on the site of the former Desert Inn Hotel, which also had a golf course. Wynn himself is a golf fan (he designed the course with Tom Fazio), and given that he paid for the hotel himself, who are we to argue if he wanted his own golf course on it?

Now, though, it’s beginning to look like an underused resource. The area around The Wynn (the hotel, not the man!) is suddenly the hottest place to be in Vegas, with all manner of new multi-billion dollar properties suddenly springing up, and Wynn has spotted an opportunity.

Although no detailed plans are available at the moment, Wynn is reported to be considering building a huge mixed use resort on the scale of the $7.7 billion Project CityCenter, complete with four boutique hotels comprising some 5,000 rooms, several condo high and low rise buildings, and a large central lake.

The new, as yet unnamed project, is rumoured to cost up to $4 billion, and has a planned opening date of 2010 (by which time, the land alone will probably be worth that much!)

So if you want to play golf in Vegas, you’ve got maybe a year or two in which to do it – otherwise, your lovely golf course will be transformed into firstly a giant construction site, followed rapidly by yet another huge mega resort!

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  1. Frank Doherty September 10, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Steve Wynn; a man of great courage, vision and wisdom! I am to proud that i worked for him many years ago. He’s the real mr. las vegas.

  2. Harry Bawls September 13, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    Well it is Sept 2010, and the golf course remains. Good thing the crash happened when it did, as ol’e Stevey boy would be in the same financial mess with the “other – big three”. Regardless, the green fee’s still are at 500 and 300 during the summer. Remember that does not include the tip for your pro caddie, which should be around a C note if your not a jew. Either Stevie new the shit would hit the fan, or he just got lucky. I’d give you 90% good business sence, 10% luck, just like his casino’s. 🙂

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