Photos of Orleans Hotel now online

Photos of Orleans Hotel now online

The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas
I go to Las Vegas on business, presenting at various conferences. This year (2007), the conference was held at the Orleans Hotel, which, given that it’s not actually on the Strip, is not a hotel I’d ever visited before. Indeed, such is its location that you’d never even know it existed unless you actually looked for it.

Driving up to The Orleans doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that you’re about to arrive at the most happening place in Vegas, either. The Orleans seems to be situated pretty much in the middle of a generic industrial estate that could be anywhere in the world!

But despite its location, The Orleans is actually alright. Granted there are better hotels to stay at in Vegas, but The Orleans has two things going for it: it’s really relaxed, with some great bars and a really interesting interior; and it’s cheap! It’s a great combination of bargain Vegas without the tackiness that cheapness sometimes implies (I’m thinking Circus Circus here!)

You also get some interesting views, with New York New York and the Mandalay Bay clearly visible on the horizon, lending a kind of surreal backdrop to what otherwise would be an ordinary car park!

To give you a better idea of The Orleans, I’ve added a new Orleans Hotel gallery, which shows you what I’m going on about. It’s not the best hotel in Vegas, but if you’re on a budget, you could do much, much worse!

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