Two Paris’s in one Vegas

Two Paris’s in one Vegas

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I was walking across the strip to Planet Hollywood (the old Aladdin) from the Bellagio, having just watched the Bellagio’s fountains (which are great, by the way, and well worth a look). As I was crossing the road, I noticed four huge blokes all be-decked in black suits. It was their suits that first made me notice them, as no-one wears all-black suits in Vegas in the middle of the day.

I thought no more than that though, and my eye drifted lazily to the tiny blonde girl walking next to them with the expectant smile on her face. As I looked at her some more, my mind started to make a few connections: “I know you from somewhere”, “hang on, they look like bodyguards”, “here, aren’t they your bodyguards?!” Yup, Vegas had two Paris’s that day – it was Paris Hilton, who was in Vegas to watch Prince play at the Rio (among many other things!).

It wasn’t that she was standing there shouting “look at me world” – she was just drinking in every double take that people made as they walked past her (myself included), with an expression that said “yes, that’s right, it is me, and you should be looking at me!”

Smug’s too strong – lovin’ it is more appropriate. But at least she was smiling at the people who smiled at her – even me! So there you go, my claim to fame: I went to Las Vegas and Paris Hilton smiled at me!

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