New Las Vegas Hotels under Construction

Las Vegas, the world’s richest building site

New Las Vegas Hotels under Construction
I just got back from another trip to Vegas, with the last trip being a year ago, and the biggest difference I noticed was the huge amount of construction that’s going on at the moment. Apart form Dubai, Las Vegas must be the biggest building site in the world at the moment, and certainly the richest. From my hotel room at Circus Circus, I could see just four building sites, but they alone are worth over $15 billion!

Echelon Place

The most obvious building site from the vantage of Circus Circus is the heap of rubble that’s the old Startdust, which was demolished last month. Fans of old Vegas may have shed a tear, but its tearing down leaves some great views now of the entire Strip from Circus Circus (last year, all I could see was the wall of the StarDust!).

The pictures in this post show some of the construction going on. The Stardust (closest building site) is being replaced by the new $4 billion Echelon Place, a collection of hotels (with some 5,300 rooms in total), plus casino (naturally!), convention centre and shopping mall

Wynn Encore

To the left, you’ll notice the glorious Wynn being flanked by two new constructions in various stages of development. The one in front of the Wynn is the new Wynn Encore, a $1.74 billion extension to the Wynn that will be 653 foot tall (i.e. taller than the existing Wynn), and contain 2,054 suites (plus a casino, of course).


To the right of the Wynn is the even bigger $1.8 billion Palazzo, which is an extension to the existing Venetian Hotel (although the two, like the two Wynn’s, are entirely separate buildings). The Palazzo will contain some 3,025 rooms (all-suites) over 50 floors, and will rise some 642 feet high.


Finally, you can just about make out in the distance the cranes of the massive $7.7 billion City Center complex from MGM Mirage. City Center isn’t just a hotel – it is, quite literally, and entire City Center, complete with its own power station and fire station! Of course, this being Vegas, it isn’t just any city center. It comes with 6,300 rooms across several different buildings (most of which are in one 60 storey tower), casino, over half a million square feet of retail and entertainment space, convention centre, theatre and 7,500 space car park! It’ll even have 900,000 square feet reserved just for back-room operations!

Everything about the City Center project is huge – it’s currently the world’s most expensive privately funded construction site in the Western hemisphere! You can’t see much detail from these pics taken from Cirsu Circus, but luckily I got a closer look and took a few more pics.

So, as you can see, Vegas is in a huge period of transition, seemingly bigger than anything that’s gone before (and that’s saying something!). It’s fascinating seeing these huge new buildings taking shape, and means that if you go once a year (as I tend to), there’s always something different to see.

[Source: VegasTodayAndTomorrow]

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