Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas

Stardust to dust

Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas
The Stardust Hotel, one of the few remaining old-skool hotels on the strip, has closed its doors for the last time, ready for the pyrotechnicians to move in and blow it up! Opened in 1958, the Stardust used to be the best hotel on the strip, but that was many years ago. Since the new super-hotels arrived in the early ’90s, the Stardust has lagged way behind.

The Stardust used to be a goldmine for the mob all the way up until the early 80s, when mob rule was broken and the hotel was taken over by Boyd Gaming, who continue to run it still. Indeed, it’s the Boyd family who are knocking it down to make way for a $4 billion super hotel to compete with the best on the strip once more.

Visually, The Stardust was a bit of an oddity. The Boyds added a new tower to the hotel in 1991, but its garish purple neon colour scheme made it look like something out of the 70s! The rest of it looked tatty, with a few features added to try to pull the punters in, but compared with the competition, it had no chance. Even Circus Circus looked more appealing!

In its place will come a new mega-hotel, the $4 billion Echelon Place resort. Set to open in 2010, Echelon Place will feature four premier hotels, a shopping mall, a 1 million square foot ExpoCentre and 5,300 hotel rooms, all of which will make even The Wynn look positively ancient!

So shed a tear for the closure of one of the strip’s oldest hotels, but its replacement will be more than worth the wait.

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