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MGM Mirage makes a WalGreen sandwich

MGM Mirage’s shiny new Project CityCenter resort that’s currently being built in Vegas sits neatly next to the Monte Carlo hotel, which also happens to be owned by the company. So, a nice contiguous block of land, with two first class properties standing proudly side by side then? Not quite. Sandwiched in the middle is […]

From The Stardust to Echelon Place – pictures of the changing face of Vegas

The Stardust Hotel was a legendary hotel in Las Vegas, with an iconic sign, distinctive building, and playing host to scores of famous acts down the ages. Until, that is, it was demolished in March 2007. Now, it’s just a heap of smouldering rubble, waiting for the new $4 billion Echelon Place to be constructed […]

Wynn Golf Course to become another mega-resort

Among the many attractions of The Wynn Hotel is its 18 hole golf course, the only one of its kind in Las Vegas, and which was redeveloped when The Wynn was being constructed. Playing golf amongst beautiful greenery in the middle of the desert is no odder than anything else in Las Vegas, although the […]

MGM Mirage to build second Project CityCenter near Circus Circus

The North end of the Vegas strip has being going mad recently, with four new multi-billion dollar casino and hotel resorts currently under construction, and another one about to begin now that El Ad has bought the ageing Frontier and has plans to knock it down and build, yup, another multi-billion dollar casino and hotel! […]

Las Vegas Fontainebleau splits the Strip in two

Just when you thought you’d seen all the new mega-hotels that are under construction in Vegas, up pops another one! The Fontainebleau will be a $2.8 billion condo hotel and casino that will add yet more rooms, convention space and shopping (of course!) to what is an already seemingly overcrowded city. The Fontainbleau is being […]

The New Frontier soon to be the new Montreux Hotel

This is the New Frontier Hotel on the north side of the Vegas Strip. The photo was taken in 2005 on my first visit to Vegas, and was one of the first hotels I saw. I was staying in Circus Circus (as ever), and was walking up the strip, and had no idea what to […]

In Vegas, even a construction site looks glorious

Vegas hotels used to be a thing of, well, gaudy cheesiness! Circus Circus, Excalibur, and even, to some degree, the huge black pyramid that is the Luxor, all scream novelty at you, and don’t exactly make the place look upmarket. All that’s changing now, though, and fast. The more recent hotels, from the Bellagio onwards, […]

Top 5 new Mega-Casinos coming soon to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is already known for its mega-casinos, each of which has its own usually-outlandish theme. From Paris to New York, Venice, to the world’s largest black pyramid, these multi-billion dollar hotels and casinos make Las Vegas the stunning spectacle that it is today. But no matter how crazy you think Vegas is today, just […]

Las Vegas, the world’s richest building site

I just got back from another trip to Vegas, with the last trip being a year ago, and the biggest difference I noticed was the huge amount of construction that’s going on at the moment. Apart form Dubai, Las Vegas must be the biggest building site in the world at the moment, and certainly the […]

Stardust to dust

The Stardust Hotel, one of the few remaining old-skool hotels on the strip, has closed its doors for the last time, ready for the pyrotechnicians to move in and blow it up! Opened in 1958, the Stardust used to be the best hotel on the strip, but that was many years ago. Since the new super-hotels arrived in the early ’90s, the Stardust has lagged way behind.