A man diving into the Bellagio lake to rescue a man who fell in

Exclusive video of man being rescued from Bellagio fountains

Man being rescued from Bellagio Fountains after falling into the lake from a tree
A man has been rescued from the lake at The Bellagio after climbing a tree to get a better look of the fountains and falling in. Unfortunately, rather than just falling directly into the lake, the branch he was on that gave way was above the concrete wall, which he hit as he fell.
A man diving into the Bellagio lake to rescue a man who fell in

When it became clear he wasn’t surfacing, several passers by dove in to rescue him. Minutes later the police arrived and helped drag him to safety, though it was clear from his screams that he was in some pain.

Bizarrely, I just happened to be there at the scene when it all took place. These pics and vids are from my trusty camera, which annoyingly ran out of memory towards the end. The whole thing was very surreal, particularly when the fountains suddenly burst into life. It was a beautiful night, gloriously warm, and the fountain display was particularly dramatic, but it was a discordant backdrop to the drama unfolding directly beneath me, especially when the man started screaming. Oddly, the crowd around me cheered as the fountains came to their stunning climax, with the rescue effort still in full swing.

Religious man at Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas
As the man was stretchered off into a waiting ambulance, an old man in a wheelchair on the side of the street suddenly launched into a full-on religious sermon, telling us all to repent our sins or else.

He never quite said “or else the fountains of Hell will strike you down, too”, but he might as well have!

It’s my first day in Vegas, and if this is a sign of things to come, it’s going to be a pretty eventful week! Hats off to the guys who jumped in and rescued in him, though. They undoubtedly saved his life, as he was knocked out cold by the fall, and was laying there unconscious on the bottom of the lake.

You can see the videos of the rescue after the jump.

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