Caesar’s Palace Review

Caesar’s Palace Review

Caesar's  Palace Hotel review - a full review of Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Caesar’s Palace is one of the most recognized names of any casino in the world, let alone Las Vegas, and with good reason. Situated in the centre of the Strip, Caesar’s Palace is simply vast, and has so many jaw dropping sights, you have to visit it even if you don’t spend a dime.

Just listing the things Caesar’s offers doesn’t do it justice, though – sure it has 120 shops, 3,300 hotel rooms, a 4,100 seat stadium modelled on the Colosseum and live entertainers from Celine Dion to Elton John – but it’s the way Caesar’s is presented in such a lavish, detailed, and, dare one say it, mad style that truly makes it one of the top places to visit in Vegas.

Read on to see the complete Caesar’s Palace review.

Caesar's Palace hotel and casino review, Las Vegas, Nevada

When I first went to Vegas, I couldn’t wait to check out Caesar’s. I had no idea what it was like, of course, I’d just heard so much about it before I went that I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. If any casino epitomized Vegas, for me it was Caesar’s.

Well, I was stunned with what I found. I was expecting a reasonably big down and dirty casino with a lot of cheese and maybe a bit of Elvis thrown in. Maybe in the 70s, perhaps, but not now!

Sprawling over 85 acres of prime Las Vegas real estate in the centre of the Strip, Caesar’s Palace is simply huge, and can be completely disorienting when you first enter. Not only is the interior huge, but it’s so sprawling, it can be difficult to know exactly where you are, and certainly which way out is!

None of this matters, though, for you’ll be so gobsmacked by what you see, you won’t care where you are!

The Forum Shops

The Forum Shops review, Caesar's Palace hotel and casino, Las Vegas

Let’s start with the Forum Shops. As you walk up the strip from the North, the first thing you come across at Caesar’s is a gigantic heavily-detailed facade with marble columns, arches and a huge sign proudly proclaiming The Forum Shops (see pic, above).

Caesar's  Palace Forum Shops review, Las Vegas
Interestingly, though, this isn’t the entrance – it’s just a shop window! The actual entrance is round the corner, and it’s even bigger and more impressive (see pic, left).

It’s not until you go in, though, that you realise why the entrance is so huge – it opens onto what must be the most lavish, glorious shopping mall entrance you’ll ever see.

In Caesar’s own words, it’s “a grand pedestrian plaza [that] creates a signature entrance for The Forum Shops at Caesars.” Signature is certainly the word for it!

In the centre is a huge winding escalator (below) that winds its way up the various levels of the mall, flanked by gigantic statues of Roman Gods. Beneath is a beautiful water feature, while high above is a stunning domed ceiling.

The glorious opulence, lavish detail and sheer over the top nature of the place will take your breath away – and this is just the entrance!

photos of Caesar's Palace Forum Shops, in Casear's Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Surrounding the central escalator are a series of shops, but it’s not until you go inside the main mall that the rest of the 120 shops are on display.

Be warned, though – the shops cover some 634,000 square feet, and with the ever-present fake sky painted onto the ceiling (a feature in virtually all Vegas hotels), and the lighting set low, you can start to feel a little disoriented, particularly if jet lag’s just kicking in!

As you delve deeper into the mall, you’ll come across one or two little features that all add to the bonkers magic. Like the giant wooden horse of Troy that suddenly appears, which is actually just part of a toy shop inside! Or the stunning statues in the middle that at least help you to get your bearings when you’re completely lost.

Best of all though is the Talking Statues at the far end of the mall (below). This is a recreation of the legend of Atlantis (well, Caesar’s version of it anyway!), with two huge statues that vividly come to life every half an hour in an animatronics extravaganza.
Caesar's Palace Hotel, Forum Shops, showing Talking Statues

Complete with fire and water, the whole show is a must-see, as is the Cheesecake Factory behind the statues, which sells every variant of cheesecake known to man (well, 33 variants anyway)!

From Harry Winston to Jimmy Choo, Burberry to Boss and even Diesel, Victoria’s Secret and Ted Baker thrown in for good measure, there’s a huge range of shops on offer – there’s even the Exotic Cars area, where you can drool over Ferarris, Aston Martins and Porsches.

Trust me, if you’re bored in Vegas (really?!), lose yourself in the Forum Shops…literally!

Oh, and if you get hungry, which you will do, as your body clock will be all over the place and you’ll get so lost it’ll feel like days since you last saw daylight, there are also over 13 restaurants and speciality food stores spread around the mall as well.

Caesar’s Palace Casino

I have no idea whether the casino is good or not, as I don’t gamble, but it, too, is huge and rambling, and is another great way to get lost in Caesar’s! It’s nothing like the image I had of Caesar’s casino though – it’s modern, clean and huge, and you can wander off and see all manner of other great sights, including bars, restaurants and clubs, all fantastically decked out in Roman or Ancient Greek themes (not sure why Caesar’s chose both Roman and Greek – perhaps Roman wasn’t enough on its own?!)

Caesar’s Palace – the building

Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino, showing the Colosseum in Las Vegas
One of the great things about Las Vegas is that the hotels in which you stay have become the main attractions in their own right. Unlike other resorts, where it’s the beautiful beaches or stunning scenery around which the hotels are built, in Vegas it’s the hotels themselves that every hotel tries to provide a view of. This makes Las Vegas the most narcissistic tourist resort in the world!

So what about Caesar’s Palace, then? How does the Caesar’s Palace building compare with its fabulous neighbours?
The Fountains at Caesar's Palace hotel and casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, not all that well. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s huge and majestic in a suitably Roman kind of way, and the Forum Shops and Colosseum are extremely impressive. Equally, the two hotel towers are also extremely impressive, and dominate skyline in an imperious way (they’ll also be joined by a third tower in 2009 as well), while the famous Caesar’s Palace fountains do add a bit of colour to the place.

It’s just that, compared to the Bellagio, with its huge pool, the glorious Paris Hotel opposite, or even the Mirage just up the road, Caesar’s Palace is a bit too…well, bland! The detailing is impressive, and the sheer size of the place takes your breath away. There’s just too much concrete everywhere and not enough colour, making the whole place seem like an enormous project that was never quite finished.

There’s also a mess of electricity pylons on the front, which adds to the feeling that most of the work was done to the inside, and the outside aesthetics were kind of forgotten about.

This is a shame as it’s such a huge hotel, and such great fun inside, you feel it doesn’t do itself justice from the outside. Fortunately, you can sit on its terraces, grab a beer and look at the other hotels, such as Paris and the Bellagio, safely immersed in the concrete jungle of Caesar’s, which is much better than sitting outside at Paris, say, and having to look across the way at Caesar’s!

Maybe the name Caesar’s Palace is such a huge draw in its own right that they don’t need to spend as much attention on getting the outside right as somewhere like Paris. Whatever, don’t let its concrete nature put you off – go inside and prepare to be seriously impressed (and lost!)

Caesar’s Palace Reviews across the Web

I’ve not stayed at Caesar’s, so I’ve no idea what the rooms are like, so the best thing is to check out the following reviews from across the Web.

Frommers has a great review of Caesar’s Palace, noting that “from the Roman temples, heroic arches, golden charioteers, and 50-foot Italian cypresses at its entrance, to the impressive interiors, it’s the spectacle a good Vegas hotel should be.” Couldn’t agree more! They also note, though, that “…the hotel is also getting a bit too big for its own britches. The haphazard layout has become ever more confusing and hard to negotiate, and it takes forever to get anywhere — especially out to the Strip. Sometimes you feel like just surrendering and staying in, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Vegas4Visitors has a good review of Caesar’s, noting the nightclubs, the great rooms (some of which feature whirlpool baths in the middle of the room!) and also the glorious 4.5 acre pool area, called the Garden of the Gods, which they rate as “…among the most beautiful in town. Lush gardens surround the four pools, one of which has a covered colonnade in the center for cooling off. Adjacent to this is a spa, which among the usual suspects like massages and workout equipment, has a full-service salon, Zen meditation garden, and a rock-climbing wall.”

They also note that it’s easy to get lost in the place, though! Of course, this is deliberate, as if you can’t find your way out the casino, you might as well stay there and keep on gambling!

Sidestep give a pretty matter of fact review of Caesar’s Palace, listing its features without really saying what it’s like. They note that “the hotels 4.5 acre Garden of the Gods continues the Roman style with cypresses, palm trees, marble columns and classical statues. The garden includes four pools and two spa tubs. The 10,000 square foot Palace Pool features a gilded statue of Caesar. The on site Qua Baths & Spa features Roman baths and an Arctic Ice room. The spa provides massage and skin treatments.”

They also give a good detailed summary of the facilities on offer at Caesar’s.


So there you have it – Caesar’s Palace in all its glory. If you go to Las Vegas, you have to visit Caesar’s Palace for the true Vegas feel. The rest of Vegas may be going upmarket, but Caesar’s will never lose its camp, over the top feel, and is exactly the antidote that’s needed to all the new hotels that are sprouting up that seem to be taking themselves far too seriously!

Caesar’s Palace is like no other hotel on the planet (and that’s saying something given its immediate neighbours!), and you have to visit it simply to see what true decadence on a massively camp scale is really like. Fun, kitsch, fascinating and gloriously grand in equal measure, Las Vegas’s Caesar’s Palace will put a huge smile on your face. Just make sure you take a map and a compass with you!

If you want to see more of the place, check out our new Caesar’s Palace photo gallery.


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