New Elvis-themed resort heading for the Strip?

Disturbing news reaches us that a new Elivs-themed property is being planned for the south of the Las Vegas strip between the Harley Davidson Cafe and the Smith & Wollensky building just north of the MGM Grand.

This area of the strip is currently occupied by the Hawaiian marketplace, which I’ve never liked. It’s full of stalls selling junk, gets massively overcrowded, looks ugly, and is a nightmare to walk through when you’re on your way to the MGM Grand and New York New York.

The Hawaiian market has not exactly been a success. According to the Las Vegas Journal, the $175 million plaza, which opened in 2004, has an interior that even now is largely empty. Come to think of it, I didn’t even know there was an interior – I thought it was just the marketplace, with a few random buildings thrown around it that I never considered entering!

Now, though, New York-based FX Luxury Realty has taken control of 18 acres of land on the southeast corner of Harmon Avenue and the Strip, and plans to create what Ed Tagliaferri, spokesman for FX Luxury, says will be a “retail, hotel, casino and residential project on that property. It is likely the property will be used, in part for an Elvis-themed development given that Elvis was the embodiment of Las Vegas.”

Oh god, no, not Elvis! Vegas has done an incredible job in shaking off the cheesy image that Elvis had bestowed upon the place. The last thing the strip needs is an Elvis-themed resort!

Come to think of it, though, with all the new luxurious towers that are being built, none of which offers any sort of theme, and with even some of the existing themed hotels, such as the Luxor, shaking off their themes, perhaps an Elvis-themed hotel is exactly what the new Vegas does need.

It could be a real antidote to the po-faced high-brow luxury hotels that are being built, and an ironic throwback to the the cheesy days of Vegas gone by.

Or it could just be crap as it tries to take itself too seriously!

Whichever it turns out to be, though, it can’t be worse than the damned Hawaiian marketplace, so build it guys, and build it fast!

[Source: Las Vegas Review Journal]

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