Las Vegas Dunes Hotel implosion videos

The Dunes hotel in Las Vegas was an icon of the Las Vegas strip for decades, until its life was cut short in 1993 by Steve Wynn, who decided that the ageing hotel had reached the end of its life and needed to go.

So it was that the Dunes was imploded in front of thousands of invited onlookers and tourists amid a spectacle of fireworks, pyrotechnics and showmanship. No-one does a hotel implosion like a Vegas hotel implosion!

More videos of the Las Vegas Dunes hotel implosion after the jump.

The Dunes’ implosion was the first of the major Vegas hotel implosions, with the Sands, the Frontier, Desert Inn and El Rancho all suffering the same fate over the next few years. The Dunes was first to go, though, and it heralded the start of one of Vegas’s biggest building booms, which led directly to the building of The Bellagio and Venetian, among many others.

As such, sad as it may have been to see another icon of Vegas bite the dust, what was built in its place (The Bellagio) has endured to become an even bigger icon in this new age of the mega-hotel.

Most of the Vegas hotel implosion have been extravagent affairs, but the Dunes was by far the most extravagent of them all. With thousands of fireworks going off all around, one of the pirate ships at Treasure Island (also owned by Wynn) fired its cannon directly at the Dunes. At the same time, the Dunes’s sign symbolically fell over, followed almost immediately afterwards by the hotel itself in a huge ball of dust and fire.

Such was the scale of the implosion, and the nuymber of people watching it, that future demolitions were ordered to be much more controlled in order to reduce the potential for accidents. As such, the Dunes is likely to remain the most impressive Vegas hotel implosion for some years to come.

I’ve dug up some videos of the Dunes implosion, but unlike more recent explosion such as The Stardust, there aren’t that many videos of the event. The reason, of course, is that the implosion happened in 1993, when video cameras were expensive and YouTube wasn’t even a glimmer in Google’s eye (Google itself didn’t even appear for another 5 years!)

However, there are enough videos around to give a flavour of the implosion. The first video (top) shows the second phase of the implosion, which was when the second Dunes tower was imploded some time after the first, and with a lot less fanfare.

The second video (above) shows the main implosion event, but unfortunately it’s not that clear. Fortunately, this last video (below) shows the event in full, but surrounded by 9 other Las Vegas implosions.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Dunes, check out the History of the Las Vegas Dunes article. If its implosion videos you’re after, check out the Las Vegas Implosions category, where you’ll find many more over the coming months.

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