Las Vegas WET water park keeps the south Strip fun

Las Vegas WET water park keeps the south Strip fun

Las Vegas WET water park
Las Vegas WET is a new water-based theme park that is somewhat bucking the trend of the latest round of Las Vegas construction projects. Whereas everyone else is currently focusing on the north end of the strip, building their fancy luxurious multi-billion dollar hotels around Circus Circus, Las Vegas WET is focusing on the south side of the strip.

It’s also decided to eschew the latest trend of building luxurious hotels (some of which don’t even come with the ubiquitous casino), and gone back to what Vegas does best – themes. Las Vegas WET will be a huge 200 acre theme park with some incredible attractions that will make Disneyland look tiny by comparison.

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Water Adventure

 Las Vegas WET Water Adventure park
Las Vegas WET will include an enormous 350,000 square foot indoor waterpark, making it the largest in North America. Called Water Adventure, it will feature a variety of themed lands, some of which are fast and furious attractions, others are more gentle experiences, letting you float down an exotic river, for example.

The list of lands that will be available include:

  • Luxe Lagoon
  • Painted Desert Oasis
  • Survivor Island
  • Vintage Vegas
  • Glacier Bay Play Pools
  • Hidden Riviera Beach Club (separate entrance)

If you’re wondering what Vintage Vegas looks like in a water park, think of old Las Vegas signage surrounding water chutes and wave pools. Still can’t picture it? Here’s what will be on offer:

  • Drop through an enormous slot machine with slide and water drop
  • Slide down the giant neon cowboy
  • Careen thru the colossal Dooner’s Donut
  • Slides wind around and through casino signage – The Sands, The Mint, The Dunes, etc.
  • Relax to the sound of Frank, Sammy, Dino and the gang at the Rendezvous Cafe

Las Vegas WET will also feature Luxe Lagoon, an indoor/outdoor lagoon and water activity area with what the company calls a “future retro feel.” Luxe Lagoon will feature a giant wave pool and indoor beach, which will be a blessed relief from the merciless Vegas sun.

It will also feature the following:

  • Giant wave lagoon
  • Sleek and slippery water slides
  • Clear tube water coaster
  • “Dive-in” movies
  • Swim up diner
  • “Shag” martini bar
  • All-microwave cafe and “60’s” style automat

Never seen anyone advertise an “all-microwave cafe” as a feature before!

Snow Attraction

If water’s not your thing, how about snow – in the middle of the desert?! Las Vegas WET also plans to offer the largest indoor snow dome in North America – 150,000 square feet of ski slopes, snowboarding, and an ice rink.

Other attractions

Water and snow not doing it for you? How about a 60 acre “Internationally Recognised Them Park Brand”? Or an 18,000 seat sports arena? Or how about any of the following:

  • Performing Arts Center
  • Cinema
  • Water Show
  • The beach, featuring a giant wave machine
  • Fitness Center and Spa

Hotels and Casino

All of these attraction will cost $1 billion, which leads to the question of just how are they going to pay for it all? This being Vegas, the obvious answer is hotels and casinos! Yes, amidst all the water, snow and other attractions will be three hotels comprising 3,500 rooms, and a 100,000 square foot casino.

It’s about time somebody focused on the south end of the strip for a change, and it’s good to see themes are dead in Las Vegas. Swanky hotels are all very well, but if the experience inside is rather dull, you go there once and tend not to bother again!

The danger with so many luxury non-themed hotels being built at the same time is that they won’t be able to differentiate themselves from one another, and the north end of the strip will be thought of as the boring end.

With Las Vegas WET being built on the south end, and with Excalibur, Luxor and New York New York all close by, the south end stands to gain from being thought of as the fun side of the strip. The north and south sides really are starting to split, gaining their own separate identities. This is gong to be an interesting battle to watch!

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  1. Esther Harkey May 25, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    Not interested in theme parks, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren want a water park, me too. I have to travel elsewhere which is expensive to let them enjoy. Wet and Wild was the utmost best. Not fair to Las Vegas

  2. Tina Motta May 21, 2010 at 3:18 am #

    boo boo we want wet and wild not a another theme park.. this is vegas not disney land people.. but seriously.. bring back wet and wild.. please its been way to long..

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