Pictures of the new Fontainebleau Hotel finally revealed

Pictures of the new Fontainebleau Hotel finally revealed

Fontainebleau hotel and casino in Las Vegas
The Fontainebleau hotel and casino, currently under construction on the north end of the Las Vegas strip, has managed something few other new hotels have managed in Vegas – secrecy. Despite the fact the Fontainebleau is actually being built, nobody has seen any renderings or artists’ impressions of what the building will look like.

Until now that is. Grainy though this scanned image is (courtesy of Las Vegas Review Journal’s print edition), this is what the new Fontainebleau will look like when it’s completed at the end of 2009 – and it looks stunning!

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The Fontainebleau is costing $2.9 billion to develop, and will feature a 63 storey, 3889 room tower comprising hotel rooms, condo units, casino, and entertainment venues. It’ll also come with a 60,000 square foot spa, 3,200 seat theatre, shopping space and what’s being billed as the world’s largest rooftop pool and club scene.

This last feature should make for an interesting night out – just imagine the view over Vegas from 63 storeys up, with a huge pool next to you!

Until recently, there was some doubt as to whether the project would ever get off the ground. Fortunately, Fontainebleau Resorts have announced that they’ve just secured a $4 billion deal that will secure the project’s development, so the picture you see above will become reality in just over two year’s time.

[Source: Las Vegas Review Journal, Bruce Hiatt, via SkyScraperPage]

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