New Frontier sold, Montreux now canned

New Frontier sold, Montreux now canned

New Frontier Hotel, now to be The Vegas Plaza
The New Frontier hotel and casino has been sold by Phil Ruffin to Elad Properties who intend to implode the Frontier and replace it with a $5 billion hotel based on New York’s Plaza Hotel. Ruffin had plans to implode the Frontier later this year and develop a $2.6 billion Swiss-themed resort called the Montreux, which I wrote about only two days ago!

Now though, he’s decided that the better option is to sell to Elad Properties for $1.2 billion, and let them take the risk of competing with the Frontier’s huge new neighbours that are currently being built.

For Ruffin, this deal seems to be a no-brainer. He paid only $168 million dollars for the New Frontier back in 1998, so selling it for $1.2 billion represents a 714% return on the initial investment – not a bad deal when put in those terms!

Ruffin was also going to finance the Montreux himself, which, at $2.6 billion, would have been a huge financial risk. Now though, Ruffin has zero risk, and many more zeroes in his bank account, while Elad Properties can busy themselves transforming the much-neglected Frontier into a brand new hotel with a world-renowned brand – The Plaza.

For Vegas visitors, we no longer get the opportunity of a Vegas Eye (a giant 450 foot observation wheel based on the London Eye), as The Plaza will be a plush hotel without the need for gimmicks. What we get instead is a huge $5 billion hotel, casino, conference and shopping complex containing 3,500 rooms. Sounds great, but the Vegas Eye sounded better! And while super-luxurious hotels are all well and good, Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without its themed hotels, so I was looking forward to another one.

Still, maybe I’m just being sour. It was only two days ago I wrote a lengthy post on the Montreux, and now the whole project’s been canned – I know things move fast in Vegas, but this is ridiculous!

The New Frontier is set to close later this year and imploded early next year, while the new Vegas Plaza is set to open some time in 2011. Oh well, at least that’s another implosion to look forward to!

[Source: Forbes]


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