Top 5 reasons to be in Vegas right now

Heather from About Las Vegas has listed her top 5 reasons to be in Las Vegas right now (yep, she’s also contributing to ProBlogger’s top contest). Her list includes:

1). It’s hot…literally (115 degrees F at the moment, or 46 degrees C. Seriously?! That’s super-hot, even for an envious sun-worshipping Brit like me who’s struggling with 16 degrees C at home!)
2). Burgers (yeh, they have great burgers in Vegas!)
3). Er, it’s hump day…think this is an American thing!
4). Deserts, mountains and a lake (yes, real ones!)
5). The hotels and casinos…of course!

No mention of Quark’s Bar at the Vegas Hilton…funny that!

[Source: AboutLasVegas]

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